Security & Third Parties

At Evil Noob, we work hard to respect your privacy and ensure that we are always transparent with you. Here are some of the ways in which we keep your data private and third party softwares we use.

Evil Noob and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

At Evil Noob, we’re committed to privacy—that’s why our privacy policies already adhered to the the high standard of the new European data protection law known as GDPR, and why we’re ensuring we maintain those rights and extend them to all our users, inside and outside the EU.

Where is my data stored?

All Evil Noob data is stored in the US (Google datacenter).

Is my data secure?

  • We have data encryption in transit, meaning all our data is while traveling to us encrypted.
  • Only a handful of people can access data and they only do so in order to improve the services we provide.
  • We monitor and audit our usage logs.

What Third Party services do you use?

We use a number of third parties to store user data in order to provide/improve our services:

  • We use Google Analytics (as Tracking) to track page views and metrics on any Evil Noob Service.
  • We use Sentry (as Error Tracking) to track errors that occur within our code. This also includes certain data that correlates with the error, but does not include sensitive customer information (passwords, tokens etc).
  • We use Netlify (as CDN) to distribute some of our resources.
  • We use Cloud Flare (as CDN) to mitigate against DDOS attacks.
  • We use Game Analytics (as Tracking) to track in game actions and playing metrics.
  • We use Unity (as Game Engine, Metrics, Ads) to develop, track and as an ad network in some of the Evil Noob Services. Their Privacy Policy.


The environment that hosts the Evil Noob Services maintains multiple certifications for its data centers, including ISO 27001 compliance, PCI Certification, and SOC reports. For more information about their certification and compliance, please visit the Google Cloud Website

You can find out more about our policies in our Terms of Service and Privacy Statement. If you have any questions about security, please contact us